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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The peeping Tom in Japan...a repost

The crew just checked into the hotel after a gruelling flight. The scene was at a crew hotel ( can't named the hotel) in Japan. After getting their keys to the rooms and their baggage, the crew like any other hotel guests would usually undress and have a shower. So, for Japanese stewardess Miki, it was not unusual to strip herself off her "aircraft smelled" sarong kebaya the moment she closed her room door.
As Miki was down to her panty, the phone rang. A man's voice calmly
described to her in Japanese the colour of her panty and the sequence in which she undressed herself. Miki was shocked and slammed down the telephone receiver. She picked up the phone again and called the reception and complained about the incidence.
With much apologies from the hotel manager, Miki had a room changed and a promise that the case would be investigated.
The outcome of the investigation by the hotel came to naught.
So, each time when the crew checked into their rooms in this particular hotel, you can imagine how uncomfortable they were.

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