Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chief steward robbed in Amsterdam

In the 70s it was fashionable for some male crews to carry a sort of leather hand bag with a strap which you could loop your wrist through. One such crew was Chief Wong who would carry such bag slung on the wrist of his hand.
One day Chief steward Wong while night stopping at an Amsterdam Hotel was walking on the street pavement nearby, on his way to lunch, when he saw a man running about play with his pet dog, chasing each other. Wong was so amused by the action and fun the man was having with his dog that he stood to watch the play. There were occasions when the man ran passed Wong very closely, almost in body contact with the latter. After a while, the man stopped playing and carried his dog ran along to some place else. Wong proceeded to walk to where he was to have lunch. After some distance Wong lifted his hand and to his horror realised that his leather bag he had earlier slung on his wrist was now missing from his hand. His thoughts quickly made his realise that the man with the dog had got so near him to cut the strap from his wrist. It turned out that the roadside entertainment he watched was not for free. He had to pay with the whole wallet in the leather bag.

Contributed by "XCrew".

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Anonymous said...

I always believe god is watching and these thieves will get their revenge one day