Tuesday, May 13, 2014

To lighten cabin crew's workload.

Instead of having cabin crew  distribute menu cards to the passengers may I suggest the menu be online. All a pax has to do is to check the types of food and drinks served on board using the current entertainment system that are mounted on the back of the seat in front of each pax (for a start try in the economy class). The newspapers e.g. Straits Times should also be read online . These 2 actions will free up the crew and let them concentrate on other issues.
I am not sure whether the above has been implemented.

How about letting the paxs key in their requests into the system? The crew would then reply to the paxs using the same system. An example: " Hi cc, may I have a glass of coke with ice please?"
The crew on reading the message on the screen in the galley would either serve the pax immediately or reply : " Thank you sir we will serve you the coke in 10 minutes". Of course the seat number of the pax will be reflected automatically on the pax request order.

The crew-in-charge should be issued with an iPad for him to type and send his voyage report, crew flight record etc to the office electronically instead of the current system.

As a matter of fact, all cabin crew should be in possession of an iPad. This will facilitate the sending of messages to the office vice versa instantaneously regardless of which country the crew is night-stopping. (can make this a "must have" item for those wanting to be cabin crew).

Any other other bright ideas to lighten the workload of the cabin crew and the office staff?


Maserati said...

I absolutely agree with the e-Menu and the CIC/s should be given a company issued tablet for paperless filing of flight documents. Many airlines have already implemented this. Rank and file crew should be given a very special discounted rate to encourage them to own a tablet for work use. Perhaps, all classes of travel should have built in chiller for non-alcoholic drinks and racks for snacks so passengers can self service during lull period. This also encourages them to walk around, which is healthy , especially on long flights.

Anonymous said...

Send the Tua Bak (Toad) Sexy back to the Hole ! Cut costs !

Anonymous said...

Lessen what work load? Those jiat liao bees already klkk cho bo lan, earn 7k per month still not relax enough huh? In fact, should add more work and cut pay further

Anonymous said...

BT is trying to make these jiat liao bees redundant. Matter of time if follow BT's idea many cc will be retrenched.

Anonymous said...

We already in an age, where many passengers complaining SQ crews nowadays hardly interact with passengers, if no simple task like distributing inflight menu or newspaper to passenger, then we will come to an age where SQ will only employ the crew to mend the emergency doors, for A380, we just needs 16 crews instead of 23. end of the day, maybe we don't need to employ 7000 crews, maybe just half will do! So who suffer?