Thursday, May 29, 2014

Was chief steward William a victim of blackmail?

One quiet cool night in the hotel room of flight stewardess Marie's was an invited guest. He was her chief steward William and they were just back from dinner. While William made himself comfortable on the sofa, Marie excused herself and went to the restroom to change into something more comfortable. You bet, it was not only comfortable but revealing too! Marie had changed into her thin pink see through negligee. Phew! that was too much for William.
The next thing was the two of them started kissing passionately and fondling each other. William was in such a great hurry that he almost tore off Marie's negligee. She gave him a tight slap but he was persistent and eventually Marie "relented". In a flash, William's was inside Marie's. Everything happened so quickly and just before this not so cool guy ej........., Marie let out a loud scream and pushed William with a force that could have moved a jumbo aircraft. William was in shock when she started "crying" and accused him of being irresponsible by not wearing a condom. She was sure she would be pregnant. They had an argument and blamed each other for starting the whole thing.
Finally, Marie threatened to make a police report that she was raped. On hearing that, William panic and tried to make a deal with her. That was when she demanded a compensation of $5,000 and the whole affair would be history.
William thought it was unfair as it looked like both parties enjoyed the brief encounter.....but what choice has he left. After all, it was wrong for a male crew of a more senior rank to the female ,to be found in her hotel room.Besides, he was a married man and surely he did not want his wife to know about the incidence. Reluctantly, he wrote a cheque and gave it to her and they both agreed the matter was closed.
After a week or two, the news of the whole episode leaked out and William could not stomach it anymore. He knew he was made a sucker and felt ashamed as most of the crew knew about his affair and he finally he decided to quit his job.


Anonymous said...

If she had accepted the $5000 offered, then the incident ought be closed forever. From the posting, it certainly looks like this stewardess was out to bait the CS. A long time ago, an LSS had an affair with a GS on a long haul flight. Following this, they both went out for meals and shopping together.

Back in SIN, she lodged a complaint against him that eventually led him to answer charges that all of us are not too unfamiliar with. In his defence, the FS claimed that following their sensual journey, she had taken advantage of him by unloading her shopping bills on him. He then resisted.......The Inquiry found him not guilty.

Had the incident between William and Marie been dealt with under the system in America, the repurcussions would have been very different.

Anonymous said...

This story of the FSS and CS William reminds me of an incident that invovled a police officer and a WPC. She had brought charges against the senior officer for sexual harassment, alleging that he had made her perform a five-finger boogie on him in exchange for a good appraisal on her progressive work performance. The defendant was represented by a prominent criminal lawyer with many years of experience who had the gift of eloquence.

After some fiery days in court, the judge found the defendant not guilty and acquitted him. The officer walked out a free man. How do you think the WPC felt?

In another recent incident, an elderly Indian woman had brought charges against certain Redemptorist Priests for molesting her while performing exorcism to rid her of evil spirits. It was one long and crazy trial laced with massive contradictions and testominies that proved too good to be true! Defence lawyers even went to the extent of putting her under the watch list.

She was a far cry from one who needed to be exorcised. To top it all, she did not have a record of consuming alcohol or drugs. In the eyes of the majority, she was as normal as anyone else. She had schemed her way fully focused on getting rich fast. After all, the Novena at Thomson Rd is one wealthy church.

The verdict.....priests accused were all found innocent. She was ordered to pay costs. I hope the SQ FSS who had blackmailed William is reading this. Someday, the long arm of the Law will catch up with you.