Friday, May 30, 2014

Was chief steward William a victim of blackmail?.. the untold story.

The above story didn't just end there. Before William resigned, Marie was very upset to hear that the whole cabin crew division was gossipping about her blackmailing William. In fact, there was also a strong rumour that a captain and an IFS were also in the same predicament as William. There was a talk that there were the likes of Marie in cabin crew. They were to begin with, prostitutes in disguise as flight stewardesses.
However, to quell the rumours, cabin crew management carried out an investigation and eventually found that there was "no truth" in them.

Marie was hurt badly by the rumour that she was one of the blackmailers. To prove her innocence she approached her manager and offered to return William the $5,000. The manager told her not to rock the boat as William did not make an official complaint.

The rumour kept swirling around and that was when William decided to leave the airline before his wife found out about his case.

Marie left the airline shortly after William did.


Anonymous said...

Very easy to start rumours in CC

1. Large amount of people ( more than 200)
2. Management not transparent
3. Union not transparent
4. Divisive managing style
5. Barriers to information

JFss salaries
Promotion excercise
Excluded decision processes.

There will always be new staff.
Information must be made available 24/7 and use of technology is a must.

Imagine... an entire B777 can disappear without a single debris found. Information slowly trickling out...

Would you agree that this is fertile for rumour??

Anonymous said...

There was a case of an iron man senior steward who got involved with a stewardess some years ago. I am trying to link the blog posted by BT about Marie and William. He had not used a condom and as the story goes, the stewardess became upset and went on to confront his wife....also a stewardess. If it is true that this Marie went on to offer to pay back the $5000 offer, she must be so naive. Better that she had accepted what had taken place and take responsibility. It is obvious from the posting that there was mutual consent....after all, it takes two hands to clap.