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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A surprise gift from the restaurant.

We were booked to dine in a Chinese restaurant along Beach Road. The place was well known for its Teochew food. As usual, the place was full that night.

A waitress checked the reservation list and spotted my friend's name. We were ushered to table which could accommodate the 5 of us. As we ordered our food, Lim the owner chef came and greeted my friend. They knew each other well from the reaction I witnessed.

As we sat down to have our Chinese tea, Lim brought a bottle of what seemed to be a white frosted drink to us. "Hey this is the best sake that I have in my collection and it will go well with the dishes you've ordered" Lim boastfully told us. " In fact, I got the bottle from Gary who was one of your senior stewards" Lim told us with a grin in his cheeky face. "You guys from SIA must have known Gary I supposed?" Lim asked us. "Yes, we knew Gary pretty well". I replied.

Lim opened the bottle of sake. This one was special as it was from our ex colleague. It was a fruity sake made from a combination of Japanese rice and some fruits. I tasted it and I like the taste.
We toasted and down a small cup each.

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