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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Airbus says Emirates cancels order for 70 A350 planes

SIA share price rose again another  0.14 cents to S$10.75 this morning as Emirates cancels order for 70 A350 aircrafts. EK ordered the 70 aircrafts in 2007 and was expected to take delivery of them from 2019. Read more


Anonymous said...

Emirates in trouble?

Anonymous said...

Not really. Last year they made a profit of UDS$900 million. The cancellation of airplane order may be due over ambitious.

Anonymous said...

This may be only the tip of the iceberg. Arabs have been known to be reckless managers of money, and it is no surprise to see names helming its top management are from UK and Europe, Its CEO, Tim Clark is English. Another fiasco that has taken place is an Arab run Financial Consultancy Firm specialising in Islamic Funds with offices in Atlanta, London and Singapore with its HQ in Bahrain. After some years of impressive reports gracing its company news, it is now in dire straits. Latest news is, it has filed for bankruptcy in 2012, and used to occupy the whole floor of a reputable high rise building in Singapore.