Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another publisher wanted my stories

Hi BT,

I've dropped by your site on a number of occasions and have enjoyed the gossip, past and present, from SIA. I've always thought about producing a kiss-and-tell exposé of SIA and was wondering whether you might be interested. I believe one or maybe two books have already been published about SIA stewardesses, do you happen to know what they're called?

Anyway, if you're interested and you think there is a book in you somewhere, please let me know.

Thanks and regards

Hi BT,

I've just sat down with my editor and she's showed me the book as it
stands. Two points:

1) We would like to change the title to: "Cabin Crew Confessions:
Plane stories from around Asia" compiled and edited by Hui.

2) At the moment, the book only comes to 100+ pages, which is not
long enough. We need more stories, at least 50% more. Do you have any
suggestions? Do you have friends, ex-colleagues, etc who you could
contact to join with you (unpaid) and contribute stories? They don't
have to write in perfect English, just give a brief outline, we can
make the rest of the story up here. Or can I ask my friends --
pilots, stewardesses, etc? We would still pay you (at the same rate
of 10% of nett receipts) and only pay you, and we would still use
your granddaughter's name on the cover. It is essentially a book by
Hui + friends.

The contract would be exactly the same, no changes at all.

Do let me know what you think and how we might get more stories.



Anonymous said...

Steady la bohtong your stories are in demand and may be i should aso write stories about my company " Stock Exchange"

Boh Tong said...

ya u shd write too cos your work place must be interesting too.