Thursday, June 19, 2014

Being frugal versus being spendthrift.

Anonymous said...
Nobody gives a shit to what stocks you guys are buying. How much can your 1 or 2 lot possibly earn you? It's so typical of all you people. Queuing and asking for currency exchange rates at people's park to change that $50.

5 years flying junior says:

Every ocean starts with 1 drop of water.

Bill Gates once qoute:

If you're born poor, it's not your mistake. But if you die poor, it's your mistake. -Bill Gates-

I also go people's park to change money sometimes to enjoy better rates, this is how you survive in the stock market as well, look for bargains, if you dont manage your money, money will manage you , good luck

best regards
5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...
LOL. Same mentality as those LOSERS who bet $5 on World Cup matches and keep reading New Paper for analysis and asking people to update them live score or stay up late to catch the game.

Anonymous said...
Hey 5 years flying jnr. How much can you save huh by going all the way to people's park to change that $50? Probably 10c? Shiok huh?

Above is an interesting argument between the readers of this blog.

In my opinion, "5 years flying junior" is the wiser person. As for me I was somewhat like "Anonymous" not caring about how I managed my finances.

Many retired crew who were frugal in their life styles during their younger days are now reaping their rewards for being frugal and thrifty.  Likewise, I also know many who are broke and some are made bankrupts with no money for their retirement.

Those frugal ones are now live in big houses and spend their retirement playing golf or just idling around their gardens drinking beers etc.

The ones like "Anonymous" are driving cabs, working as security guards, restaurants etc during their retirement years. Many live in government subsided HDB flats and some do not even have a roof over their heads.

I am somewhere in between the two. Fortunately for me, I can still make a decent living from my pet care business. I work whenever I choose to and so my business does not take a toll on my health like driving a cab would.

I used to spend all that I earned while I was flying with SIA. I did not think of my retirement years. To me back then retirement is soooo many umpteen years ahead and I simply do not care to save money. I thought my CPF will take care of my retirement years but it didn't really.

Those who did save and who were prudent when they were younger are the wiser ones.  Say what you like about them, today they seem to be a contented bunch of people.

Of course over here I am talking about the guys who were mostly breadwinners. The ladies were different in that they got married and their husbands support the families.

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Unknown said...

Don't look down on taxi drivers and security guards,When I retired my 2 sons were in college so I drive a taxi to have money now one is a legal counsel and the other a lecturer,you yaya papaya.