Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bitchy and blood thirsty stewardesses.

The woman (likely a stewardess too) who wrote and forwarded the message about her childhood friend is no better than her friend. In her WhatApps message to others and the cabin crew she has portrayed herself as someone who is out to seek vengeance and taste blood. There is so much bitterness between the two.
The whole episode reminded me of  2 stewardesses who fought on my flight.
Stewardesses A & E worked in the same zone and due to reasons unknown to us they started to argue and quarrel with each other. They splashed water on each other. If not for me and some of the crew, they would have pulled each other's hair apart. I separated them and relocated them to  different work areas on the plane. They were filthy-mouthed and bitchy.
The incidence was never made known to our superiors in the office.

Some years later (their 5 year work contract were not renewed), I met E who was travelling with her German husband. That guy was fat and gosh he gave us so much trouble on board the flight from FRA to SIN.  E sat quietly and covered her face with a scarf so that I can't recognise her. Her fatty hubby wanted to be upgraded to the business class. He complained he was uncomfortable with the "tiny" economy seat. "Fat hopes fat man" was what I wanted to tell him but I restrained myself.
It just go to show that a bitchy woman usually landed herself with a bad husband.

Stewardess A was married to a steward and moved to Australia. I heard she created a lot of trouble for her Australian employer. He booted her and she threatened to take a law suit against him for wrongful dismissal. At the same time, A's husband was also fired from his job for being a malingerer.
Before that, he boasted about being a manager running a big restaurant. In fact, when I was there I saw him cleaning tables at a foodcourt. Of course, he hid himself when he saw me.

The saying that "birds of a feather flock together" is very true judging from what went on between A & E and their husbands.

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