Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cabin crew promotion: one of the fairest systems.

SIA cabin crew has one of the fairest and most transparent promotion systems. The criterion for promotion are based on the crew service record, written test and the interview.

Service record of individual cabin crew

The company will award a certain number of points for 
  • seniority or length of service.
  • not taking medical leave or taking the least number of medical leave
  • not having any disciplinary lapses
For the above a crew may be given a maximum of 50 points.

Written Test
  • A maximum of 30 points will be awarded for the perfect answer.

The Interview

  • This interview carries a maximum of 20 points and is chaired by the cabin crew management staff comprising of  2 or 3 managers, one of which would be an HR manager (to ensure fair play).

The cut-off points for a promotional exercise will depend on how many are needed e.g. cc needs 30 chief stewards/stewardesses and they will promote the 30 leading crew with highest marks.

The system leaves little room for manipulation by the management and I believe it is one of the most efficient, transparent and fairest system in any establishment.

BT: The above was practised during my time and it may or may not differ much from the present system.

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