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Friday, June 13, 2014

FIFA World Cup kicked off in Brazil,CC stops at GRU

FIFA World Cup kicked off in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the host team beating Croatia 3-1 yesterday (12/6/14).
I wonder if SQ flights to Sao Paulo (GRU) which is one the cities in Brazil that the football games will be played are having a full plane of passengers. The economy return fare for SIN/GRU/SIN cost about around $2,236 including taxes.

The crew for the GRU flights must be vaccinated against Yellow Fever and Small Pox. So only a small pool of dedicated cabin crew are rostered for the GRU flights.

The flight transits at Barcelona (BCN) where the crew would night-stop for a few days. The stay at GRU is also for a few days until the next flight.
SIA operates 3 weekly flight to GRU departing on Monday/Thursday/Saturday.

The total average  LMA  not including the IFA for each cabin crew is about $1,950 for the 11-day flight. The sum varies according to the rank of the crew.

BT: Above information may not be totally accurate. Please refer to SIA cabin crew management for accurate information.

Legend: LMA = Location Meal Allowance, IFA = Incentive Flying Allowance.

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