Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ex childhood friend's bitterness against alleged online scammer.

Fwd msg:

More juicy news about this ex fss xxxxx

Hi everyone. Since we r on the topic of xxxxx. Just wan the rest whom know her personally that she is as such. 
I know her since school days and she is my god brother ex gf whom made his life n family a living hell. 
Sponge off him to get a lousy online cert. live under his roof. Got him to buy a car to chauffeur her ard. Went thru 3 plastic surgery to get into sq. Failed miserably 7times. Spam n marred my common frd and my name. 
Been doing such business since selling OPI  but without goods. Started classes and groups to teach ppl to get into sq. Collecting a fee. But all this was a total scam. 
More so she always place herself as a victim. I let u be the judge of her. 

Btw this is not the end. Her blog page and archive are being search for evidence for slender and defamation. 
Her FB has a personal album of her taking photos of this GS which he is desperate to take down. As it's all their personal photo and photo snap onboard. "DURING WK"

Oh she is also my "neighbor" few floors away and I know the tenant. Own them money as well. They sublet illegally so she use the chance to delay payment. Nil deposit and left after being behind for months. 

She uses her clients name card address an pose as her own. Making her business legit until debtors come knocking. 

even worst she was trying to get into couple of our online FB group pages to recruit sellers n buyers. We manage to stop her and inform other eca. 


She with whatever reason she has to cover herself. Betray peoples trust one too many. I quote 

"your brother is stupid and childish to spend money on me, once I get into sq I will leave him"

what the hell is this shit head thinking. 

Phew... Thanks for hearing me vent. Hope this advice don't fall on deaf ears. Even so it's not my lost.

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