Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Robin Hood Steward

Sam was a one steward I'll always remember. He was a shrewd character but one with a good heart.
One day in a casino in London, Sam met another steward (Jim) who had lost a lot of $$. This steward squandered the company's bar sales $$ at the Black Jack table. The sum was not small. In total, Jim had lost S$5,000. He had used his credit card to the maximum for his cash advance.

Sam decided to help Jim recover his losses by gambling at the Roulette table. With the last 100 British Pounds, Sam recovered about 1,000 BP or the equivalent of  S$4,000 for Jim (exchange rate then was 1 BP to S$4). Miraculous wasn't it that Sam could recover so much for Jim? ....Not really cos Sam beat the casino with his cunning tactics.

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