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Saturday, June 28, 2014

How cabin crew dealt with the Co. over the London nightstop flight pattern.

There was a time when the company wanted to reduce the crew's stay in London. The old lame duck union didn't want to help the crew. One day less in London could have save the co a million bucks a year back then. Therefore, the co was determined to shorten the stay.

Just to give my readers an idea of how the SIN/LON v v pattern was like, I will illustrate with the flight out of SIN.

The cabin crew had to operate from SIN to BKK (Bangkok), transits for an hour before continuing to BAH (Bahrain). There was no layover or nightstop at BKK. The total duty time was 12 hours. There was no rest period for the cc like you would have now on such long flight.
CC would then stopped at BAH and caught the next flight out from BAH to ROM (Rome) transits for an hour, flew from ROM to AMS (Amsterdam), transits another hour before taking off for LON(London). The BAH/ROM/AMS/LON duty time was about 13 hours. Again there was no rest period for the cc on these sectors.

By the time the cc checked into the hotel in LON, it would be around 2 pm. This was considered as 1st day off. The cc had a "clear" day off the next day (2nd day off) and went on standby duty on the day after that. They would then check out and did the reversed flight pattern back to SIN.

The co. took away the standby day in LON, thus reducing the stay in LON to 2 nights. The cc weren't happy and they and screwed up the pattern by reporting sick on the check out day. It was not one or two cc reporting sick on the flight out of LON. It was a group of cc who would resort to this type of action on every flight ex LON.

Many flights out of LON left with a shortage of cc. Out of the standard 18 cc, an average of 7 cc would be calling in sick. Sometimes, due to safety issue, some passengers were transferred to another airline.
On the B747, you would need a minimum of 12 cc, each manning one of the 12 doors if the passenger load is 400 (full load) which was a safety requirement. If 7 cc reported sick , you would have only 11 cc on the flight. With 11 cc the airline was not allowed to carry a full load of passengers. They would have to transfer 40 passengers to another airline. The company couldn't stomach the loss of these passengers. Besides, it was bad for the airline's image. Passengers were also furious and finally after 2 months, the airline reinstated the one day they took away in LON.


Anonymous said...

These days cabin crew don't even have the guts to remove their lame-duck union people let alone do what Bohtong and the crew of the past years did.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Dr Bloom Our supporter too !

Boh Tong said...

Dr Bloom made so much $$ bcos of the crew that he was later known as Dr BOOM! haha