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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Leading crew allegedly caught smuggling cigarettes at outstation: Message was WhatsApp to me

"Fresh from CCN"

Last year, a stewardess was fined for smuggling duty-unpaid cigarettes into Singapore. Read more

Cabin crew terminology:

Mamasan bag is  a soft inexpensive bag sold in Seoul by an elderly lady (now more shops are selling these mamasan bags). If one buys a certain quantity, the elderly lady known as Mamasan would deliver them to the crew hotel. This term Mamasan bag was coined by the crew some 20 years ago (sorry I do not have one or else I would have put the picture of it here). Almost every technical and cabin crew would at any one time own one or more of these bags. They are foldable, washable and convenient to carry about for shopping.

Cargo bag is the suitcase that one checked into the cargo compartment of the airplane.

In the first top image you will notice the words "lhr a/p". They meant  LHR Airport or London Heathrow Airport.

The title " Fresh from CCN" refers to latest from Cabin Crew News and not CNN.


Anonymous said...

So cute the way it is explained for outsiders like us

Boh Tong said...

How else would I explain them candidly?
Thanks anyway.

Lian said...

I miss my mamasan bag�� I don't see many crew carrying it now.

Anonymous said...

A mamasan bag is a cheapskate bag carried by peasants. General purpose is to offload things from aircraft or smuggle ciggies.

Anonymous said...

I still have my mamasan bag with me. In its original colours, it is now over twenty years old and still going strong. Only the zipper head has come off and remains in good use. Hardly leave home without it.