Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Many complained about my new blog

Many readers have told me to continue blogging in this blog. Some claimed they do not have Gmail (to access the new blog one need a Gmail address) while others said it's too much of a hassle to register for access.
In view of the above, I will continue blogging here for those people. However, the stories or whatever you may want to call them will not be having much "depth" as the ones in the new blog. Yes, I will continue with the new blog too and for those who have registered you will have the best of both world.

In this blog you will notice the images which I have posted were all gone. Someone must have deleted them without my knowledge. You may say that this blog has been hacked again.

So I hope all my readers and visitors would be happy with my decision.


Anonymous said...

Haha. Alot of interesting stories on flyscoot's facebook page! Can update your new blog with it!!

Anonymous said...

Don't kid la where got interesting stories with Scoot?