Friday, June 20, 2014

Swimming out but Walking test in at CC interview.

You must have heard that at one time SIA had swimming test for its applicants and you may or may not know why it had discontinued the practice.
I was there as an interviewer and I can tell you why SIA scrapped the practice.
There was a change of cabin crew director (known as svp now) and this new director felt uncomfortable witnessing us (the male interviewers) checking the girls in their swimming suits (mostly bikinis) for blemishes,scars etc. Another thing he was unhappy with the lifeguards having to assist and touching those half naked young girls in the pool. So he issued an order that henceforth there was no need for the swimming test.

The so called "walking test" wasn't there at one time. But after a few incidents of trainee being sacked because they were found to be "limping" during training did this round came into existence.
 It wasn't the trainees fault that they were "limping". The airline shouldn't have recruited them in the first place. You passed them at the interview only to fire them later. It looked unreasonable isn't it?
Therefore to avoid this kind of issue, SIA decided to scrutinise their candidates' way of walking and make sure they do not have LLD (leg length discrepancy).

I hope you are more enlightened now about the process of the cabin crew interview.


exex crew said...

i see swimming test more of a safety requirement. u mean now no more swimming test even during training?

Anonymous said...

There is no swimming test during the interview. However, one is required to to swim during the safety training.