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Friday, June 6, 2014

The truth behind the creation of the IFS position

The IFS or Inflight Supervisors have a lot to be grateful to the pioneers for "helping" SIA created this position.
At first, just before the arrival of the B747s in 1973, SIA "promoted" 18 chief stewards to the position of senior chief stewards (s/c/s) to take charge of the inflight service on the B747s. The scs position was at par with the chief steward (cs) in terms of salary. The cs was the crew-in-charge of the B707s and later the second in command of the inflight service on the B747s.

SIA proposed paying the scs an allowance of $170 per month on top of his cs pay. The scs considered it a bad deal and decided not to accept the position as they could be put in charge of 18 other cc and 400 passengers. The cs was only in charge of 7 other cc and a maximum of 142 passengers on the b707s.

The union was approached for assistance by the 18 scs-to-be but it did not want to get involved in the matter. Frustrated, the 18 engaged their own lawyer to look into the matter.

After much pressure (a B747 was to start its inauguration flight), SIA  reluctantly upgraded the position of the scs to ifs and put them in a higher salary scale. It meant almost $1,000 difference in salary between a cs and an ifs.
As a result of the new salary scale, the scs were retitled ifs.

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Anonymous said...

Was John Chua one of the 18?

Boh Tong said...

Yes John was 1 of the 18.