Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What has happened to SIASU CC organisation chart?

Not enough cabin crew delegates to fill the chart due to resignation and in house fighting? Call for a fresh election lah!

Choice you are not to blame but the cc voters are to blame for voting you. Remember in October 2010 cc voters gave you 1,304 bloc votes against Heart's 779? CC is reaping what it sowed 4 years ago.

The above image belongs to me but for the original one please click here to view.


Anonymous said...

Haha..Then needs advice and help how?? He thinks he's running a restaurant...Never mind if chef resign,waiteress can take over!!

Anonymous said...

Usually in a situation like this it means the restaurant is either going bust or changing ownership.

Anonymous said...


Never ever seek advice from unionists.
They will use you as a tool to negotiate with management.

Always, always be prepared to be sacked.
Always, always have an escape route
Always, always prepare to leave on your own accord.

There is no friendship
There is no camaraderie
There is no support

Look after yourself, your family, your income... forget about career.
Flight attendants do not have careers.. they have rosters.

Remember it.