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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A passenger's comment too good to overlook

Below is a comment left by our passenger yesterday in my post 4 years ago.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A passenger's complaint.": 

This is a late comment for an old entry but I just recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying the stories. I would just like to share my story.

Back in the late 1990s, I was a poor student travelling home from Perth during the summer hols. I was sitting towards the front of economy class and was in the same situation as the above passenger. I was desparate for the toilet and pulled open the curtains and there was a male cabin crew there. He looked older and I would assume a senior member of the crew. I smiled at him and explained my situation. He glanced behind me and saw that the stewardess were busy serving other passengers their food and he smiled at me and allowed me to use the toilet. I was very grateful and thanked him. After I was done, I thanked him again. When exiting the plane, I smiled and thanked him again. 

I was a young girl and didn't know how else to express my gratitude to this gentleman, but I am sure my sincerity was clear and he was very nice and smiled warmly at me. Given today, I would have known to get his name and wrote a complimentary letter to the airline. 

Another student year, I was again flying back to SIN on SQ. There was this malay young man cabin crew and he was very nice to me, he went beyond the usual economy "get the job done" (I understand in economy there's many passengers and the crew are very busy so i'm ok with that), but this guy was really very kind, I assumed then to the young girl who was travelling alone. (He was just being very service oriented and making my flight comfortable, not like be nice to pretty young girl or anything like that ok... For those people who have unkind thoughts.) I asked him for a postcard and wrote him a thank you note and handed it to him later. He was surprised and looked happy and I felt happy too.

Now I'm much older and relatively successful in my career, and fly business and first class at times with different international airlines.... Like being offered PJs for red eye flights etc etc. you know the drill. but these two are the cabin crew from SQ from yesteryears were the ones that I remembered, who was kind to a poor student when I was a student and a nobody in economy class.

What I wanted to say is, BT, cabin crew from your time are different... And unlike those of today, even when I'm flying business/first class. It's indeed SQ's loss to let you guys go. Bottomline is one thing, management should understand that saving money is one thing, providing service that people remember and will go back to is one thing. After the two incidences above, I always flew SQ for the longest time. But these days... Whichever airline has convenient routes or times, I go with. No diff anyway.

That said... Would you be kind enough to allow me access to your new blog? Your stories are strangely addictive! I have read your book too since I discovered this blog a week ago. Will you write another one? 

BT: When I sought her permission to reproduce her comment as a blog post, the following was her reply.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A passenger's complaint.": 

Oh yes, and definitely pls feel free to publish my comment. The poor student is now a CFO of a multi million company, but I remember and am grateful for the kind people I met in my life. From your stories, I can tell we are sort of alike. Not afraid to stand against management or "higher powers" for what we feel right. Life has too many ups and downs and some people are afraid to take challenges and instead carry balls for the "safe" approach. I look down on people like that. You are certainly someone I can respect.

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