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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A story of kowtowing and bootlicking from a reader

Dear Bohtong,

I hope you will publish my story in your famous blog for your members to read.
I am working for a company up north and don't want to name it for fear of getting

In my company, we have many infamous characters who got to the top by like what you
said "angkat bodek" or balls carrying.

Every Hari Raya my top boss a senior vice president and his crony mangers will be inundated with greeting cards, cash (like ang pows),women and invitations. You see friends I am living in a most corrupt country in the world and you should not be surprise that my company is also the same. Money, money and more money will get you where ever you want. Often times too my big boss and his managers also get fed with beautiful women from the balls carrying colleagues.

There is a particular colleague called Kata  who was a peon with little education. He is skillful in the art of kowtowing to his managers. Not only during the Hari Raya season but also anytime Kata would supply his superiors with women mainly prostitutes from Vietnam and Thailand for them. Kata moonlight as a pimp too so getting the best prosititues for his superiors is not an issue.
Kata would invite them to his house for meals. His mum is a great cook. Inside the food Kata would sprinkle some kind of Malay charm powder that make his managers get addicted. They would miss his mum cooking and crave for more.
To cut the story shorter Kata became the blue eye employee. In a short time, Kata was uplifted to the position of deputy manager.
It is ok for Kata to get his promotion in a crooked manner but we cant tolerate his treatment of us his subordinates. He treated us like slaves and shouted at us for the smallest mistakes.
One Hari Raya day someone delivered a parcel of gift to Kata and said it was from the top management. After the messenger left his house Kata opened the parcel and it exploded in his face. He was hurt badly and his face was burnt. Soon kata was asked to leave the company.
Without his job and position, Kata was destitute and died a horrible death.
The moral of the story is there is KARMA in this life and people like Kata should be aware.


Anonymous said...

Singapore, the so-called corrupt free island is no different. Today, those with unblemished records are usually bypassed for promotion. In its place are the boot-lickers, laggards and mediocres who spend their free time trimming their boss' garden chuchi kerata and living their lives like dependants. They do not know anything else. Many of these bosses feel insecure when they come across freshies who excel in their job and win friends easily. Hardy a day passes without gossips, envy and the constant buzzing of sms that are used to relay tales of the crypt.

Anonymous said...

There a couple of people like Katak too in cc. Take that frogged eyed & grumbler for example right BT?

Anonymous said...

Or else there will NOT be any SEXY shows ! We all can see for ourselves!!!

Anonymous said...

Fearless people in CC lah..

absolutely fearless, not afraid of ghosts, bombs, loss of job... balls made of steel.. titanium... despite what some people say.

Anonymous said...

Fearless? What abt fear of not being promoted? Fear? That balless sob AM Sad C is fearless? He is the greatest coward in the whole world.

Anonymous said...

Ah see is worse that katak kick the jr crew and sar kah his bosses. That is why TPT promoted him to AM.

Anonymous said...

"He treated us like slaves and shouted at us for the smallest mistakes." This remind me of an AM in the office period!

Anonymous said...

Fearless in not having friends
Fearless in being alone
Fearless in eliminating others

Because he has no balls, he has nothing to lose!

Fearless sad c

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you define success as:

- able to stay in SQ beyond 35 years
- able to rise through the ranks
- able to cross over to management
- able to draw higher salary
- able to get promoted to AM

People become successful because they emulate success. Follow, and ye shall succeed too.

Take no prisoners