Monday, July 14, 2014

Cabin crew retirement age for all ranks

Someone posed this question about cabin crew retirement age. My answer is below.

Fss/Fs may work up to 20 years (blue).
Lss/Ls  .........................25 years (green).

Css/Cs and Ifs/Ifss .......30 years (red & purple).

For CC (male) who joined before 2004 may work up to 62 years old if they are promoted
to the rank of Ifs.


Fss = Stewardess, Fs = Steward, Lss = Leading Stewardess, Ls = Leading Steward

Css = Chief Stewardess, Cs = Chief Steward,

Ifss = Inflight Supervisor (female), Ifs = Inflight Supervisor (male)


Bunny Fate said...

Hi BT, i am currently 34 years old. Still got chance to go into SIA to be a air steward? can you advise on pilot cut off age also? Thanks!

Boh Tong said...

Bunny as for steward at 34 your chances are poor with SIA. As for pilots I am not sure.

edmund said...

Hi BT! Greetings to you. I applied for the steward position 3 years ago and got booted out during the medical round. I have been working in a bank for 3 years now. Im 27 this year, should I still try for the interview tmr? What are my chances? Pls provide your guidance, thank you!

Boh Tong said...

Edmund since it has been 3 years I think it is a good time to try again.

edmund said...

BT, i went on sat and got booted out at first round! Thought my chances are high since i was the only guy in the group and i even made the interviewers laugh. Sigh, should i try again? Is it bcos of my age?

Boh Tong said...

Yes try again