Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cabin crew termed theft as OL or off-loading

Cabin crew are diplomatic and called theft "off loading". OL is the unauthorised removal of things that belong to the airline, example alcohol, cutlery & crockery, cologne, foodstuff etc etc.

The latest case of OL was the removal of coffee pods from the aircraft. I don't understand why it must be coffee pods. Was it because the ifs who OL them has a coffee bar in Singapore?
We would only know the answers in the next few days or weeks. Anyway, we were told he was asked to leave the company.

When one OL something one would feel that he/she has triumphant over the company. Besides the OL stuff are free of charge. I would dare say around 90% of the culprits were never apprehended.

There was a chief steward who was caught after he OL aircraft things for a period of 20 years. He stole things like alcoholic beverages, tea bags, Nescafe coffee, playing cards, crockery and cutlery, ball pens and what have you. They later found out that this cs was running a provision shop near his home.

Another senior crew was caught at London Airport for OL caviar and Champagne. He was charged in a London court.

There were many other cases. One thing the crew must learn is that it's not worthwhile stealing the aircraft things. If caught, not only one will be sacked but one's reputation will be tainted forever.


STORIES said...

I thought the pods can be used only on SIA machines.

Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior says:
I was told those in the office sentencing crew of ol
Are themselves ol kings and queens back then.
The only person I feel qualify to sentence crew ol
Is god because I think only god never ol in their lives.
If you have ol before be it the smallest item,
Don't call the kettle black. Thank you.

Best regards,
5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

You were told? Told by who? Any proof? If no proof or evidence, dont anyhow say. We can also say we were told u were such and such or we hear that you were such and such also.

I see, I remember... said...

A can of coke?
A ball point pen
A writing pad?
A postcard?
A newspaper?
A magazine?
A pair of ear plugs?
A sanitary pad?
A box of tissue paper?
A cutlery knife?
A pair of disposable chopsticks?
A bottle of cologne from abandoned giveaways?

Oh come on man.. all those in the office were trained as monks? apprentice saints?

Then I must say heaven exists at upper changi road..

Me guilty too said...

I see, I remember... said...

You are veri funni yea many monkeys in the office lol

Anonymous said...

90% of CC are OLers

Anonymous said...

BT, you were ex CCE. Share with us why company took action against the offloading crew, since 5 years junior said only GOD can judge.

Boh Tong said...

"Anonymous said...
BT, you were ex CCE. Share with us why company took action against the offloading crew, since 5 years junior said only GOD can judge".

Why? simple cos these offloaders are thieves. "5 years junior" felt that all cc were offloaders too including the ones in the office so they are unfit to judge the offenders.