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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sam had a ‘‘ good Christian boss'' he thought

Chief Steward Sam had a nervous breakdown. His dad passed away suddenly. His wife was expecting their second child. All these and other problems caused him the breakdown.

As a matter of practice in the cabin crew division, Sam was taken off from flying and given a desk job in the office. Sam underwent psychiatric treatment. Sam was a Christian by faith. His boss Jim was also a Christian. Sometimes, Jim would invite Sam to his office and talked about their faith. Both seemed to be very closed. Jim showed lots of sympathy towards Sam. This was the type of relationship every employee would love to have.

After several months on ground, it was time for the company to consider letting Sam fly again. The grounding had taken a toll on the family's finances. Sam need to fly to get more money. Jim his beloved boss assured him he would help Sam. The psychiatrists had given the "ok" for Sam to go back flying.

Cabin crew need to get the consent from the HR department for Sam to fly. If the big boss of cabin crew put in a strong word in Sam's favour then Sam would take to the sky once again.

It was a nerve wrecking wait for Sam. He was anxious to go back flying and Jim his boss has promised to help him.

A week later, Jim told Sam the bad news. HR did not agree to allow Sam to go back flying. In a letter to Sam, HR asked him to wait a little longer until they were 100% sure that Sam could discharge his duties as a chief steward.

Jim consoled Sam as he cried in the office. Nothing could be done except to wait.

One day while in the office, Sam secretly read his file (the company has a confidential file for each crew) and found a copy of the letter in which his boss Jim had written to HR regarding his release from the office.
In the letter, Jim told HR not to allow Sam go back flying for another year, at the least. He claimed Sam had not fully recovered from his illness.
Sam was shocked to discover what his beloved and kind boss did to him. Jim was a hypocrite of the highest kind, Sam told me.

It was too late because by this time, Jim was transferred to another division in the company. There was nothing Sam could do but to wait for one more year before he was allowed to fly again.

The above story was told to me by Sam (not his real name).

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