Tuesday, July 15, 2014

IFS is on C I today

Inflight supervisor who upgraded his stewardess girl friend is on " C I " (Co's Inquiry) today. Will post the outcome of th CI as soon as I get the it.

Latest update 12 noon:

The accused has been demoted to leading steward (2 rank down)


Anonymous said...

Time to pop some champagne.

Anonymous said...

Where is your upgraded g/f now? IFS or rather LS M.

Anonymous said...

Told you!

how to fly as LS???
gila ah?

Resign lah... cannot fly as LS
sure 1 day, you will cock up, and crew will report you, IFS will report you..


To Lan IFS said...

If resigned still get 115k as gratutity if you are 45 yrs old. Each year after 45 you will get less 5k.
Quit la where got face & heart to fly. Give Boh Tong details about the fss who sabo you so he can blog about her here.

Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior says:
I flew with that FSS before, in fact I think our coy should retain her, her work attitude is excellent, and a very hardworking crew.She has all the potential to be a leader. Just because she did something that most people dont have balls to do,and also most that only dare to use mouth curse but no balls to action, doesnt mean she deserved to be marked or victimised. Base on the situation, i think any of you here that is the J4 or J3 working that aisle serving that "PPS" gf , touch your heart, you not dulan?

best regards
5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

Somebody just got demoted.....show some compassion here will ya. Yes,he made a lapse in judgement,for whatever reason.He didn't molest someone's daughter,sister or niece. He didn't verbally abused somebody's love ones. He did something that a very Big Company frowns upon,albeit for his own (???) benefit. Please people,give this guy a break. He's been punished.