Thursday, July 10, 2014

Was this a scam?

Marie was a cute looking stewardess, pretty and a quiet sort of person. She was a kleptomaniac and a clever one too. Marie had the obsession to steal and the greatest thrill, would be, not to be caught. She had never been caught stealing at departments stores,supermarkets or anywhere she chose to . Marie would often filled her baggage with the things she stole from overseas shops. Her loots would be anything from a packet of candies to an expensive piece of diamond ring.

At every nightstop station,Marie must steal or we call it shoplifting. She thought of nothing but to steal or otherwise,she would feel miserable.
With whatever cameras the stores installed, Marie would eventually beat the system.

During one nightstop in London,Marie's luck ran out. Ironically, she was not caught by any big time store detectives or the law but another stewardess, a batch friend of hers.
Marie, on this particular London trip, had offered to share her hotel room with Alicia, her batch girl who was also working on the same flight.
On the second night of their stay in London,Alicia discovered that her 100 English pounds had been missing from her handbag. Without hesitation, she accused Marie of stealing her money. Naturally,Marie denied stealing Alicia's money.

Alicia called their inflight supervisor Allan, from his room to report the theft. When Allan arrived at the Marie's room, Alicia pointed the finger and accused Marie of stealing her money. There was a big commotion. The girls were arguing and almost came to blows.
Allan called the hotel security as the situation was getting out of control.

In the presence of the 2 security officers and Allan, Alicia pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to the officers.
On the piece of paper, Alicia had earlier on in Singapore, jotted down the serial numbers of the 5 pieces of 20 pound notes. A search on Marie's bag was conducted and they found the 5 pieces of 20 pd. note with exactly the same serial numbers which Alicia had recorded on the piece of paper.

Theft in a hotel was viewed very seriously by its management, especially when the victim was a guest. To implicate another guest as the thief was even more complicated. However, the was no doubt Marie was the culprit as the evidence suggested. Alicia had the correct serial numbers of the notes and the money rightly belonged to her.
Upon Marie's refusal to admit she stole the money and to implicate Alicia was the one who made false accusation against her, the hotel management reported the matter to the London Police.

In between sobs, Marie took out a piece of receipt from a money changer in Singapore where she claimed she had changed the 5 pieces of 20 pound notes from her handbag and handed it to her supervisor in the presence of the hotel security. In it, she had recorded the serial numbers of the 5 pieces of notes.
You bet, everybody was shocked by this latest development. The security was embarrassed as they had accused Marie of being the thief. The supervisor and Alicia were shocked.
Marie wiped her tears and a slight smile on her face betrayed her sense of triumph.

The hotel people were apologetic and by their assessment of the whole situation plus Marie's insistence that they gave her a written apology for accusing her of being a thief, it was best to settle the matter amicably with Marie. The police report made by the hotel against Marie was withdrawn.

After much deliberation among the top hotel management and just before the crew checked out the next day, they decided to compensate Marie with an undisclosed sum of money. With something like a few thousand British pounds in compensation by the hotel, Marie was satisfied with the condition that she would not receive a written apology.

What happened to the 100 pounds? I was told it was given to Alicia.
Not long after the incident, a few crew spotted Alicia and Marie having dinner together at one of Singapore's posh hotels.


Anonymous said...

siuu said...
At first u said Alicia pass the note to the security with the correct serial number.. Then Marie also gave a note with same serial number.. didn't it makes Alicia a liar and they didn't do anything bout it? It dosent make sense..

Boh Tong said...

Siuu, Frankly,the security people did not know who was lying or who was the thief and so forth. They just wanted to close the case before it got out to the public. Marie could be the culprit cos she could have stolen the money and copied down the numbers. The other theory was they collobrated and fixed the hotel up.Remember, a few crew saw them together in S'pore after the incident.Btw the 2,000 pds. payment was our guess. No one knew how much except Marie herself and the hotel management.

Anonymous said...

This story is made up because it is so far-fetched. Makes the hotel security look stupid, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

aiya dont take the story seriuosly la. read it as entertainment.