Thursday, July 17, 2014

Reasons for removing the stewardess's photo and senior manager Seow's report

Moon,Sun & co said...

What on earth has happened to the Fss's photo that was posted ealier?
Was the photo removed because you BT was under pressure to do so?
We also noticed that you BT once deleted the post about planning manager Seow who reported the cabin crew on his flight. Did you remove it due to pressure too? From some senior management staff in the office or from their lawyers??
If this comment is not published then your readers will know you BT has no balls.

BT:  Someone has left the comment (in blue) yesterday.
Yes, I have removed the fss's photo but not under pressure from anyone. I removed it because I do not want the fss to be victimised or face repercussion by some senior crew. A well meaning person also suggested I should not post the fss's photo as it is a invasion of her privacy.
All considered, I've decided to delete it.

As for Seow's report, I deleted it so as not to inflame or demoralise the feelings of the 7,000 plus cabin crew.
My aim is  to be a responsible blogger, not being one sided but fair to the management and the cabin crew.

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