Friday, July 18, 2014

Remember the poem by me in 2010?

Saturday, 18 December 2010

A sad poem for cabin crew by boh tong
after the defeat of Heart Party.

The infighting makes the union weak
In the process,crew's future is bleak

Now the management will freely cane
can the crew's backsides take the pain?

Even the turnaround voucher they withdrew
No one in this world cares for you

Now many other things they will do
to our poor cabin crew

Crew can cry till the cows come home
It will merely increase their kiasi syndrome

If you've voted for the right party
Cabin crew will surely not mati

But how do I know all these?
Cos God told me these things will be.


Anonymous said...

"God told you these things will be"? The Lord spoke to you? You must have reached saintly status then? Please don't blaspheme The Lord!

Anonymous said...

Infighting did not happen only 2011 BT. I think you got your facts wrong, unless you can see in the future.

From the date of your poem posting, Alan is still running the union.

Boh Tong said...

Alan lost and Choice took over from 28 Oct 2010.The poem was written on Saturday, 18 December 2010...want a reading glass??
When I said "The infighting makes the union weak" I meant there should be only 1 united party and not 2 parties fighting each other.
Hope you got it!

Anonymous said...

Current union took office in 2011. I have tony's email to all members to prove.

Well facts are facts, why not you ask Alan to verify your story.

Boh Tong said...

Yes u may be right and Alan lost the election on 28/10/10.
What's the diff? In my poem (18/12/10)I was talking about the future in which the cc would be having Choice as their union reps.
Sure I could see the future otherwise why would I write that poem on 18/12/10?

Anonymous said...

No need for seers to predict CHOICE's ability to run the union. Any idiot would know how incapable they were and still are.
If I were you BT I won't waste my time entertaining these trolls.

Anonymous said...

Trolls? Why resorts calling names? Just because views differ does not make one a troll. Or perhaps it take a bigger one to identify another? But for one to claim The Lord had speak with him, that blasphemy! As to who performed better. History cannot lie. But if one refuse to learn from history, then one must be blind, or "blind trolls" in this instance. And that's worse than call other people trolls! Btw heart n choice. Let not talk abt ppl n mention names here. Let talk about results n implications of their policies. Which party gave away the most and achieved the least in return. Facts r facts n history do not lie. Do a balance sheet for both parties and let everyones judge?

Anonymous said...

I think the fare judgement is on crew morale before and after for what was given away.

Anonymous said...

That's right, that why we voted out Alan in the first place.

Gave away first class hotel status, change lma calculation to per diem and then change back to follow pilots (to do that, he gave away our cc hotel budget and we recieve a one time payment of $500. Plus he signed that we should back pay if there is a difference in LMA rates.), never sign 2009 SI, lost most of the CI cases and list goes on... Was morale bad back then? It was worst but I guess cc has already forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agrees crew largely forgot distant history. Crews generally have short memories! They remembers only recent past. That's why to be fair to both heart & choice, & for objectivity for everyone sake, in order helps everyones make better choice at next election, compare both parties performance. Both had a chance to lead union to better crews lives. But did they and how much difference they made. Are crew better off or worse off? History, results and statistics does not lie! I belief many crews are ignorant. Can someone who are in the know, please come and compare both parties performance to enlighten junior leader like me so that we know truth. How much ifa achieved by both. What about gratuity and retirement? From my shallow observations, choice may not achieve much. They also do not give away much. But at least they got extension to 62 for the guys. This mean for younger crew like me and my peer, our future more secure. But from last post by anonymous, seem heart gave away alot but got little in return. Worse, some of the things they gave away, seem we can never get back forever? Can someone who able to provide the facts of both party please come here and help enlighten everyones. This is fairest to both heart and choice and to members too. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The silence are not only defeating but very scary! Many comes here to instigate and stir shit! But when time to state facts, no ones able do so? Surprise not even those hoping to stand for next election? I am also notice many old snd past stories repeated. It maybe reason to drown away and push this post back so no one noticing it?

Potential voter

Anonymous said...

BT. You still has not answered to your readers if The Lord indeed speak to you? After reading various views and threads, what makes you so cocksure that if Heart has won reelection, crew are happier and you can then compose happy poem? God speak to you again? Be very careful sir. Do not use The Lord name to justify your humanly agenda! I am not a crew nor has vested interests in whichever party or results. But sir you seem biased towards Heart or certain party, whatever humanly organs they call themselves. But my crew friends tell me they have lost the most under your favored Heart! As a regular reader, I want know if you are partisan or non partisan and why?

Truth seeker