Thursday, July 3, 2014

Seemingly unkind comment

Anonymous said...

Those old foggies should be glad they still can earn $120 per day as part timers instead of clearing plates at hawker centers. As typical cc, they are never contented and grateful for what they have.

The above comment came about when I mentioned in my earlier post about SIA  re-employing the IFS and CS retirees as part time safety instructors. It's real sad that these retirees are branded as
"old foggies".


Anonymous said...

Are these old goats physically fit to handle the task? SIA should not cut cost to this extent by employing this type of old cheap labour. Safety of lives and planes are at stake.

Anonymous said...

All these old buggers never even study for their yearly SEP. They have to resort to copying or asking juniors for help to pass their SEP.
But hor, strangely, they will start to ask questions about location and quantity of infant seat belts on their next PFS.

IFS D Koh said...

It is very true they don't study but now they will be testing the crew. What a joke SIA

Jacky said...

If you anonymous are lucky, you get to grow old too. Like it or not, these seniors have a wealth of experience.

Anonymous said...

$120 for 8hrs work...(120/8)
is $15 per hr.

I think it is still too low.
They demand a high hurdle for retired senior crew to apply for this part time job.
You need a clean slate, and someone "up there" has positive vibes about you.

Its not easy job either:

remember 3 different versions of aircraft, with different aircraft manufacturer too.

Of course after a couple of months or so, you can go through the drill like a pro.

Good for ex crew who have no other skills and after 30 years...
I would think after that long time, people would prefer to do something different, smell something different, hear something different... same canteen food.

Alamak... still stuck to apron strings of SQ... even after they deny you medical, put you last for tickets.
Nothing more than a piece of shit lah.

Anonymous said...

Starting pay for SEP instructor is $151 per day. After 5 years, it will be increased to $181 per day.