Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Senior cabin crew upset with $5 increment in their SI (service increment)

Forwarded msg:

how can seniors get $5 same as the juniors, compared to last year SI different among other ranks.
It has always been based on %, that's why seniors get a bit more because of our basic pay.
Look at all our previous SI or CA increased, they always give seniors a bit more because our numbers are small, so  it doesn't cause a lot to them. Why is the union saving for Company?
Try explaining to all our seniors that. Based on % they are getting the same as juniors, when last yr we got $101, juniors $68, this year all the same. We always argued that seniors are pillars and numbers small, so they always give us during Alan's time. 
And Tony doesn't understand that based on % seniors should get more, example based on ur salary$3800, if 2.5% increased u definitely will get more than juniors.
We are not greedy, SI has always been based on %. Ifa 20cts and 10cts, now SI $5, seniors are dead. 
When Company lose money, we cut more mvc than juniors, but increment gets the same, how to motivate them when we can't be motivated.
Hopefully LMA don't drop, otherwise got to pay again. i suspect the pilots will trade off for something else. The menu card price are fixed and currencies fixed, what's there to negotiates, they don't need the LMA, it's petty cash to them. they will trade off and fuck us up.

BT: For those non-cc you will be blur like sotong after reading the above which was WhatApps by a senior cc to me this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

There's a saying in CC.."Seniors in CC are like prositutes..The older you get,the lesser you get ".. Increment is the same for all ranks but when comes to pay cut,seniors get the biggest cut.. Where got logic??

25 years flying Senior said...

2011 (SIA profit $1,271.3M)
CC1 = 70
CC2 = 83
CC3 = 95
CC4 = 106

2012 (SIA profit $285.9M)
CC1 = 65
CC2 = 78
CC3 = 90
CC4 = 101

2013 (SIA profit $379M)
CC1 = 70
CC2 = 83
CC3 = 95
CC4 = 106

2014 (SIA profit $360M)
CC1 = 70

CC2 = 83 (15.6% difference from CC1) $13

CC3 = 95 (12.6% difference from CC2) $12

CC4 = 106 (10.3% difference from CC3) $11
(33.9% difference from CC1) $36

So if you look at the numbers, where is the $5 that you are referring to? By right SIA should cut our SI! Look at 2012 results.

Whereas SIASU has managed to revert 2013 SI to be the same as 2011 where we had Billion $ profit.

Wait! Wait! Ask Alan if he managed to get SI for 2009? Why didnt he sign for it? To find out more, get more information from SIASU office and HRSS. They have proof to show and I was shocked as well!

Based on my IFS SI
ie ($106 x12)x(2009-2026 "when I retire at 62")=$21,624!!

That I have not include my CPF contributions by employer, AWS and bonuses.

25 years flying Senior said...

Where did you get 20cents and 10 cents?

Why don't you download the 2012 CA and read page 28.