Saturday, July 5, 2014

SIA bonus and dividend payout

SIA Group earned net income of S$360 million for its 2013-2014 fiscal year ended March 31, down 5% from S$379 million in the prior fiscal year and yet it is paying its staff a bonus of 1.49 months.
SIA is also rewarding its shareholders with a 0.46 cents for each share they owned.

Talking about the staff bonus payout, I think it is quite generous. If I am still working for SIA, my bonus this year would be around $9,000 (based on my last drawn salary of $6,000 before I left SIA).
In the past, I had been paid an average of 3 months in bonuses. There was a time, I was given 6 months which totalled $36,000.

For the average inflight supervisor the bonus for this year would come up to about $4,500 (based on $3,000 basic salary). The most junior cabin crew should get around $1,800.

The pilots will also be paid the 1.49 month bonus. Off course their salaries are higher and they will be getting much more than the cabin crew and the general staff.
A captain would get around $20,000 and a co-pilot $12,000 in bonus payout this year.

In my opinion, I think SIA is generous towards its staff and shareholders.

By the way I was told the staff have received their bonuses one to two days ago. Traditionally, SIA pays its staff bonus on 7 July of the year.

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