Friday, July 18, 2014

Singapore, Air India airlines were just 25 kms away from MH17 when it disappeared

An Air India flight AI 113 was dangerously close to the Malaysian plane MH17 when it was shot down over Ukrainian air space. A mere 25 kilometers separated the two jets before the Malaysian Airlines flight crashed.

A 24-hour global flight tracking service called Flightradar24 has reported that a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 jet (SQ 351) and an Air India Boeing 787 jet (AI 113) were about 25 kilometers from MH17 when it disappeared.

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Anonymous said...

They deny that SQ aircraft flies over Ukraine.

( see their Facebook)

The "we are never wrong, we are always morally correct " attitude resides very high up in management.

That is why CC will always remain zombie slaves, idiots.

Well, to be honest, most are very willing to be...

Anonymous said...

SIA is so lucky indeed! In fact, we've had a long record of having luck on our side albeit SQ006 and MI185. Not a single of our aircraft had been shot down during the 1989 Gulf War. The airspace over Iran and Iraq were closed then. I count myself so lucky to be alive.