Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stewardess swapped lovers Part 2

The relationship between Jason and Jenny was loving and intimate at first. It was only after Jenny discovered that Jason was also a married man that their relationship deteriorated.
However, Jenny occupied herself with her one and only hobby....gambling!
By this time, Jenny had left the airlines. She had become Jason's mistress albeit reluctantly.

The couple seldom met as Jason was a busy businessman, away from Jenny most of the time.
Jenny kept herself busy by gambling in Las Vegas. Jason had provided her a hotel suite in the posh
Venetian Hotel. She would only return once in a while to Singapore to visit her aged mother.

I know the above story because Jenny and I were good friends. I've stayed in her Las Vegas suite whenever I was in Vegas (without Jason's knowledge). I've been with her to the casino to witness her gambling. By golly, I've seen her placing bets (Baccarat game) as high as US$50,000 at a time.

Their relationship went on for a few years. One day, Jason stopped contacting Jenny. I was told he ran into huge debts due to business failure. Jason's health deteriorated and had severe diabetes.

Jenny had to be financially independent by this time. Fortunately for her, she owned 2 lovely big houses paid by her lover. To settle her own debt which accumulated through gambling in Las Vegas, she sold her properties.

To support herself, Jenny became a real estate agent. She did reasonably well by selling properties for her rich clients. When the property bubble burst, Jenny was out of job.

After much soul searching, Jenny became a devout Christian. Today, she is happily married and leads a simple lifestyle of a home maker.

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The Lord is gracious and merciful :-)