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Monday, July 28, 2014

The braggart C-I-C (crew in charge)

Tim (not real name)was an ifs (inflight supervisor) who harbour anti company feelings. He would instigate the cabin crew against the airline. He often told his crew that they should not work hard. In his own words, he said given an opportunity,he would delay flights so they would cause the airline to incur cost. Such was Tim's negative attitude towards his employer.

There was a flight in which Tim was the C-I-C. On that 8 hour flight, there was a set of cabin crew travelling as passengers. Whenever crew travel as passengers there are considered as bonafide passengers meaning they are issued with tickets, boarding passes, manifested as passengers as well insured as passengers.

What happened on that flight was a test of Tim's big talk about causing delay to his flight. 18 cabin crew travelling as passengers on Tim's flight were not catered food which they were entitled to as other normal passengers. Tim was informed of the shortage of 18 meals by his steward. The normal procedure was to ask the caterer to supply the shortfall even if it meant a delay in the departure of the flight. The captain of the flight would be informed too.

However, on that flight, Tim chose not to cause a delay. The 18 crew were left without food for the entire flight.
When questioned, Tim explained to the paxing cabin crew that he did not want to be a "dead hero". He did not want to be held responsible for the delay and in his own words, he said  " You 18 can eat the leftover food from the economy class passengers, if there is any at all ".

Some years after that flight, Tim had a severe heart attack and died thereafter.  To many, Tim did not die as a "dead hero" but a "dead villain".

BT: I was one of the 18 passengering crew.


Anonymous said...

Hi bt,
the article mention that there was a set of cabin crew travelling as passengers. wad do it mean by crew travel as passenger? meaning all of them are on their holiday. They paid air ticket themselves?

Boh Tong said...

At times,cc operate certain flights whereby they do not nightstopped at the arrival city. The reasons may due to cost or non availibility of hotel rooms for cc etc. In such cases, they are given tickets to fly back to S'pore as passengers.

Anonymous said...

hi bt,
At that time , u cant complain to the captain meh?

Boh Tong said...

I was a passenger crew so the capt won't entertain my complaint. It was a domestic issue so dun want the tech crew to know.