Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This one approves of the stewardess who reported the IFS for upgrading his girl friend

5 years flying junior says:

I flew with that FSS before, in fact I think our coy should retain her, her work attitude is excellent, and a very hardworking crew.She has all the potential to be a leader. Just because she did something that most people dont have balls to do,and also most that only dare to use mouth curse but no balls to action, doesnt mean she deserved to be marked or victimised. Base on the situation, i think any of you here that is the J4 or J3 working that aisle serving that "PPS" gf , touch your heart, you not dulan?


Tu Lan Ifs said...

5 yrs junior what if u r d ifs with a family to feed do u not get mad with the fss? Talk is cheap. This is a case of jr cc sapporting jr against snr cc. Don be made use by coy.

Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior says:

hi tu lan ifs, I understand where you are coming from, i am not supporting her because she is junior or i am against seniors in fact at overseas layover, i love to hang around with seniors IFS ,chiefs and leadings as I learn many life experiences from them. I am also not encouraging junior to write in, I am just trying vouch for this FSS , whom I do not know her personally, but only worked with her. Her work and attitude is good, our coy need people like this, and i just do not wish to see crew mark or victimise her, i feel is unfair.

My personal opinion is , if IFS M have a family to feed, then why is he having a "GF" and even openly upgrading the GF? As an IFS and being in the company for so long, he should be even more clear about the consequences. This is different from OL, this is openly telling entire set of crew of his crime. Tu Lan IFS, hope after my clarification you not so Tu Lan.

best regards,
5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

Why report one another? Isn't the coy want this to happen? CC should upgrade one another and enjoy it,after all cc have work so hard.
What would happen if a cc or sia staff's family is without hotel accommodation in a foreign country? Can't I offer them my coy paid hotel room for a night? Will I get demoted if sia finds out? Food for thought!

Moon,Sun & co said...

What on earth has happened to the Fss's photo that was posted ealier?
Was the photo removed because you BT was under pressure to do so?
We also noticed that you BT once deleted the post about planning manager Seow who reported the cabin crew on his flight. Did you remove it due to pressure too? From some senior management staff in the office or from their lawyers??
If this comment is not published then your readers will know you BT has no balls.

Anonymous said...

It is this kind of people who loves to report and support others who report and "back stab" that causes the downfall of us......

Anonymous said...

as an Ifs in a flight, also cannot have the power to upgrade a passenger ? isn't Ifs is highest rank on flight?

the pax

Boh Tong said...

The Pax....even the capt do not have the authority to upgrade.
SIA is very strict about the upgrading thing as in the past it was widely abused by both the cabin and technical crew.

Anonymous said...

Tech crew and cabin crew cannot upgrade but a ground staff and ticketing staff can.

sexpert said...

We never ever upgrade any human being... but we do for bags, plastic, cotton or leather...perhaps a corpse.

In all instances, the report will use politically correct adjectives:


'Upgrade' is a sinful word
'Sack' is a sinful word
... was asked to leave or no longer an employee.

DI/CI also for show.. the judgement has been made but for the purpose of
"best practice".. employee is given an opportunity to speak.

As such it is merely a circus.. but also offers a learning moment for unionists and executives alike:

See how the condemned squirm, cry, beg, plead and appear angelic..

If ever you are told to appear for a DI/CI... submit resignation. The union will always advise to go through the inquiry.. but its just total hogwash. Unless your parents know some very influential people, or you have some evidence to bargain with...its the end.

Anonymous said...

In CC, the management doesnt care whether you "killed or backstab" anyone.So long as you are able to "soar over and beyond" and delight the mamagement,you will be able to be promoted based on your "merits and hardwork"..
If crysta Evang can get promoted to Lss recently,any tom,dick ,harry can too..I bet BT should have heard about this problematic crew .How she got promoted based on her ability is still a mystery as she is the " fear" of many supervisors in years to.come... So, if you ask me,I think.the whole CC system is a joke or at least, it made itself to be one...

1 month flying junior said...

Cabin crew division is a circus, and senior cabin crew are clowns....I am waiting for the opportunity to write in some senior crew..hee hee..