Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What will be his next move?

The IFS who was found guilty of upgrading his girl friend and was demoted after a CI today to the rank of Leading Steward (LS) is now considering his next move. The LS rank is 2 rank down from the IFS rank. To be fair to him, the co. should've demoted him 1 rank down to Chief Steward or CS.
He may appeal against the co's decision but it would be futile given now cc is having a lame duck union. Had IFS Alan Tan been the president of the union, this IFS would stand a better chance of either getting a letter of warning and a forfeiture of one or two salary increment or at worst demoted to CS but not to the rank of LS.

I remember there was a similar case during Alan's time whereby a probationary IFS was demoted 1 rank down. This came about after Alan appealed to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to intervene.

The other option is for the IFS concerned to resign from SQ and take his gratuity along. CC will be paid 115k if he or she quit at age 45. After 45, each year later one will get 5k less. In this case, I assume the said IFS is 49 yrs old and he will be paid 20k less which will amount to 95k.
He may stay but only as an LS and it may take years before he gets promoted to a CS let alone an IFS.

I personally knew this IFS and am feeling sad for him. He is not a bad guy but has overstepped his authority and now has to pay a heavy price.

Meanwhile, the junior crew, I was told, are rejoicing and a few are even popping champagne over the demotion of the IFS concerned. What a pathetic place to work in!


Anonymous said...

I think he was lucky to be able to keep his rice bowl. A similiar case of upgrading months back by a fss resulted in a dismissal..Regardless of which union is in power, the company would have mete out the punishment accordingly. It is a reminder to CC that no matter what rank you are holding in the company,you still have to abide by the rules and regulations.Gone are the days whereby only the seniors are "feared" as everyone in CC are free to weild their swords.It is now a "killing field" in CC and one wrong step may just land you into a landmine.The only way is to stay out of trouble and avoid meeting Mr Sexy as no one will be able to help you..
As for the IFS, I feel sorry for him as he has to live with the humiliation that he has to face if he continue to fly as a LS.However, he should have saw it coming if he chose to take the risk despite so many reminders from the company not to thread across the line...

Anonymous said...

Did LS M ever thought of other people's feelings when he reported them to office and gave appraisals of 5566?
I still remember how he challenge me over a minor issue and wanted to show me his 'black & white'. Of course when he is unable to produce his so called 'black & white', he used other ways to coerce me.
Well, finally karma caught up with him I suppose.
I am still waiting to see how the rest of those who had harmed me come to their end.

Anonymous said...

Retired more than 15 years ago ! All I can say is A man is responsible for his own actions - period !

Anonymous said...

I flew for 35 years; yet never once upgraded any family member or friend. This is not because I was afraid to lose my job but it is not right.

Anonymous said...

R.i.p moon.u should be happy that u can hv this day which im happy for you.because your karma has ripen.
also sad for u now that u hv a big decision to make...accept the demotion or leave.whichever one you choose,be a MAN like on that upgraded flight you were on,ok?