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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why the need to hire FT cabin crews, SIA?

I just don’t understand the need to employ foreign cabin crew. Do please give our local gals a chance. There are many local gals who aspire to fly high. Just grind them through tough language training and push them to pass the language test, I am sure these true blue Singapore gals will be as good as their foreign counterparts.
Balmain iconic uniform of the Singapore Airlines still fits better on our local gals. Just imagine how many locals gals are eliminated through rounds interview and how many foreign cabin crew they are taking in?

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Anonymous said...

hi bt,
u got any idea roughly how many percent of sia ft cc during yr
flying days?

Boh Tong said...

Not including Malaysians, it was around 10%.

Anonymous said...

Well, you see.. Firstly, SQ says they needed some of this FT crew to do translation for the foreign flight like Japanese, Korean flights but I have never seen the Thai girls on most of the bangkok flights nor do any foriegn announcements.Then they say that many of the candidates in Singapore can't fit the bill of CC. In fact, many of the foreign crew that they hire can't speak nor understand proper English..

Anonymous said...

In answer to these questions, let me begin by saying that there is no such thing as FT crew. Foreign crew is more apt. The Japanese stewardesses are probably the 10 per cent foreign crew that BT mentioned. They were all based in Japan and N/S at a hotel here whenever there was a lapse here until their next tour of duty. Let's call them the first generation of JFSS. I have found them to be meticulous, respectful, hardworking and many were possessed of an eye for detail. They also spoke good English.

The blogger is right to say that our Singapore girls fit much better in the Pierre Balmain sarong kebaya which is copyrighted. But sadly, the standard of English has only gotten worse not only from the foreign crew but traces can also be found amongst our own people. It is true that some do not fit the bill. One reason is obesity. Children today are fed on junk food and ice cream, with many inheriting the fractured English that comes from interacting with their domestic maids.

I have encountered serious problems in talking to the young generation, in particular over the telephone. They are not able to understand what is being said. Socio-media restricts one's ability in impromptu response...that comes from using the keyboard. Paxs need to have answers there and then delivered in a clear tone of voice. The antidote to this problem lies in self-improvement.

1 month flying senior said...

Gen Y or Z people only know whatsapp language.. to them, you are an old and obsolete coc& or cun@. They do not understand what you are trying to say... Only that you are very loh soh, like an old grandfather or grandmother...Welcome to the new world !

Anonymous said...

It is a requirement to employ Japanese or Korean national if an Airline wants to fly to Japan or Korea.

Anonymous said...

To 1 month flying senior....The only loh soh on this blog fits only you. Your are the product of a bad upbringing. It is not true tnat only Gen Y or Z know whatsapp language. SIA started out in 1947...get it in your skull. You are too young to be rude! Your language tells alot about you.

Anonymous said...

It's ok, the senior crew does not have to understand what the Gen Y have to say as they are nobody once they come onboard. I dare you to try to have this attitude onboard, don't talk big behind the keyboard. I am sure you don't intend to stay long or with your cocky attitude you will quit soon so who cares about what you have to say or feel. I am sure you know what I mean, if you are steady leave your staff no. here, I am sure any will like to COF to fly with you. Hope to meet people like you onboard very soon :)

Anonymous said...

There is no need to talk.
Senior to junior
Gen Y or Gen X... just follow the manual.. anything not in the manual go for inquiry. Simple.