Friday, August 22, 2014

A manager who thought he was a genius

A few days ago, when I was at a supermarket doing a bit of grocery shopping, I almost came face to face with someone whom I knew in cabin crew (actually I siyum/avoid him). Let's call him K.
K was a manager in cabin crew. He left at about the same time with me.

If you want to know, K was promoted to due to his skills in balls-carrying. He was well-liked by his superiors because he would do anything for them, from licking their boots to you know what....

It did not matter back then whether you were an efficient staff or not but as long as you were able to lick your bosses' boots you would be promoted.

The big test came when he retired from the airlines. Thinking he was a genius, he got half a dozen of his colleagues to join him in a business venture. They tied up with an outsider businessman, promising that their joint venture would be lucrative. The other chap pumped in 250k and K and colleagues collectively put in the other 50%.
They sourced for contracts from other airlines and was willing to train their staff for half the market rate. At first they managed to train the frontline staff of two low cost airlines. But after that they were unable to get more contracts. K and his partners thought they were the experts in staff training but after many presentations made to their potential customers, they thought otherwise. Their training methods were considered old fashioned and outdated.
Two years later, their company collapsed and many of K's colleagues lost their money in the joint venture. Naturally they blamed him for the failure.

Now K spends his time looking after his grand kids at home.


Anonymous said...

The little red dot ended up as the little red flop.

Anonymous said...

Within SIA you are sheltered but once outside of SIA you have to prove your worth otherwise you will be swallowed by your shrewd competitors.

crewlet said...

They were not competent.
They did not understand what learning & training is all about.
They just used their stern attitudes and think that is enough to "train"

Just because some of them were involved with production of training manuals, they actually copied from other sources.
And none of them wanted to be doing the administrative work of developing training materials for their customers.

Each one wanted to be a "speaker" a "lecturer" a "guru".

Yaya Papayas....

Anonymous said...

Dear crewlet you are 120% right all these yaya papayas good for the trash bins lol

Anonymous said...

These old buggers are so full of themselves. Just because they are ex cce or attended some crap acta 1,2,3,4.. they think they are qualifoed to teach er

Anonymous said...

I just love to listen how ex screw are screwed outside. Open pubs and close down, open restaurants and close down, kena stroke etc. All these news make my day