Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baby Crewlet's comment has lots of truth isn't it?

baby crewlet said...

Most crew understand that its very tough outside of crew life.

Yes, rosters are tight, standby always activated.. for turnarounds.
Night stops are short, sectors tiring with endless pax demands and company procedures.

But crew also know that when the aircraft stops, and pax disembark, the wayang is over. Thats it.

Outside job, there are 
project deadlines, 
quarterly reports, 
year end closing, 
sales targets

Here they just wayang this way & that way. Appraisals? who cares!!

All this wayang pays $3K to 5K a month without any emotional attachment to anyone or anything. You do not have to face the same black faced supervisor day in day out.

That is why, after reflecting they breathe a deep sigh and say:

I will resign AFTER I get rostered to
GRU. ( BT: GRU is Sao Paulo, Brazil whereby the crew meal, night stop and hourly payment is about $2,000  for the whole flight).

And after they get to go there, the cycle begins for the next summer/winter schedules... because SQ flies to Montreal...

By the time they open their eyes, 10 years have gone by... how to resign?


Anonymous said...

You forget to mention those O levels and SPM educated malaysians will not be able to make it outside once they leave this job. Despite what the old buggers always try to brainwash us during PFS that we are professionals and highly sought after outside, nobody gives a shit to our so called certs such as acta, vine to wine, elementary german or french, cooking courses etc.
Just attending some crap courses through skies will not enable us to apply any shit outside.
What else can we be? Open pub or restaurants, property agents, hotel housekeeping only lor.

Ex CCE said...

Absolutely correct. We thought we were in great demand outside of SIA but were wrong. Nobody cares about years of flying experience nor the training exp we had. So very sad but it is the truth.

Snowy Beagle said...

A cabin crew actually has some of the best opportunities to learn or develop EQ on the job.

Maintaining professionalism with the most difficult customers, learning to understand what kind of service are expected by the most successful people in the private sectors etc., these are experiences which would be valuable out in the corporate world.

If cabin crew learn to see what their job really entails beyond the checklist of their flight duties, they would realize what are the most valuable skills they can get from the jobs and which would be universally applicable.

I suspect Bohtong is one of those mastered these skills.

Successful companies don't want to employ people who can merely follow written instructions - they want people who can understand what is actually being delivered and ensure it is delivered even if it requires acting outside the written instructions.

Anonymous said...

CC are like frogs in a well, contained in their own world. They think too highly of themselves when the fact is they are no better than a pile of shit.
They are only waiters and waitresses. They stab each other just to get the lowly post of leading, chief and ifs. Even the coveted post of cce and a/m are like gods to them.
Open up your eyes and widen your horizon and get out of the well.
The so called executive post of A/M post are actually very ikan bilis post in the corporate world. Any Tom, Dick and Harry is a executive or Manager outside. No big deal actually

Anonymous said...

Dont talk rubbish here please. Only a minority of cabin crew will be gainfully employed by big MNCs as management position.
If say until so good, why Moon still *pa see buay zao* and lan lan stay in airline to bear the shame?
Whatever happened to Gerald Foo? Anthony Ooi?

Anonymous said...

Snow Beagle is one of those frogs in the well who think too highly of himself/herself. Try using your so called SIA certs and so called experience or EQ to send out resumes. You may like to let me know how many employers out there actually bother or think highly of you as you made yourself to be

Snowy Beagle said...

"Try using your so called SIA certs and so called experience or EQ to send out resumes. You may like to let me know how many employers out there actually bother or think highly of you as you made yourself to be"

To the person who said this : if this is how you apply for jobs, then don't expect too much from it.

And if you're also the person who made the statement before that, then you're even more pathetic to imply I'm from CC.

Those who understand what I refer to about the valuable opportunities - they won't be depending on "certs" on resumes.

Those thinking of "Cert" are dooming themselves.

Successful people, by definition, are always an exception, regardless of whether one has degrees or otherwise.

It is no surprise that only a minority of CC have successful careers outside CC.

The COO of property sales in Far East Organisation is an ex-CCE.

The opportunities for learning and networking are there.

It is up to the individual whether they make use of it.