Saturday, August 23, 2014

Complained about their jobs but .......

Whenever I meet any cabin crew especially the junior ones, they would tell me their work problems. They are usually the same complaints: tight rosters, bitchy seniors, full pax loads, unsympathetic management staff, uncaring control staff etc.
After listening patiently to them, I would ask why don't they quit and get another job. The answers would always be about the same and they are: I like the night stops, the shopping, the pay is quite good, I will give it a go for another year or two, I will leave once I hook a big fish on board etc etc.

I believe there is something about the cabin crew job that keeps many from leaving prematurely. The job has some magnetic appeal that keep people stuck to it. Almost all complain about the job but few are really serious enough to leave. In fact, many will carry on working until retirement age. The odd thing is many will  ask for extension of their retirement, example the guys/ifs want to work beyond 60 and the ladies also want their retirement extended.
Mother, yes flying mums also want their retirement extended. Then some would have their children joining the airlines and flying together either as dad & children cc or mum & children cc.

I personally believe that flying is addictive. It's not a bad job given the educational qualifications that we hold. During my time, an "O" level will be enough to get you the job. It's the same now even after 50 years but of course in today's context a diploma is an advantage.


Anonymous said...

Another example of what is called hypocrisy!

crew said...

Don't be bloody rude you Anonymous up there!!!

baby crewlet said...

Most crew understand that its very tough outside of crew life.

Yes, rosters are tight, standby always activated.. for turnarounds.
Night stops are short, sectors tiring with endless pax demands and company procedures.

But crew also know that when the aircraft stops, and pax disembark, the wayang is over. Thats it.

Outside job, there are
project deadlines,
quarterly reports,
year end closing,
sales targets

Here they just wayang this way & that way. Appraisals? who cares!!

All this wayang pays $3K to 5K a month without any emotional attachment to anyone or anything. You do not have to face the same black faced supervisor day in day out.

That is why, after reflecting they breathe a deep sigh and say:

I will resign AFTER I get rostered to

And after they get to go there, the cycle begins for the next summer/winter schedules... because SQ flies to Montreal...

By the time they open their eyes, 10 years have gone by... how to resign?