Thursday, August 7, 2014

Countering my foot la

I stumbled on the above in the blogsphere. It was a blog created to counter what I've blogged about a stewardess by the name of Kate. The posting was done behind "closed door" or to put it simply in my closed private blog

However, when I clicked on the "counter" blog I found that it was deleted. Why would anyone want to counter what I've blog about Kate unless it was her lover isn't it?  Anyway, I thought I would reproduce my post about Kate here for all to read.

"Throughout my 35 years with SIA, I have never, never met a more beautiful, sexy, kind and voluptuous  stewardess than Kate (not her real name). She is one stewardess I will always admire and remember for the rest of my life.

Many in the airlines and passengers would like to date Kate but many did not have the opportunity.
I was one of the few who had the privilege to date her. She had a boy friend but left him after she joined the airline. 

I remember a flight I did with Kate. She was working in the first class. We saw a passenger using one of the most expensively designed Cartier gold pen and Kate asked me whether I would like to own one too. I told her I wish I could have one but it was too expensive.

The next moment before I knew it, Kate handed me the gold pen. She told me the passenger had given her as a gift. I was amazed at Kate. How she did it, I really didn't know. I guess she was so charming and sweet to the passenger that he just couldn't resist giving her the pen.

Another time a passenger wrote a complaint against a steward. Kate defused the situation by being nice and sweet to the complainant. He tore the letter of complaint.

Whenever we flew together or met each other during our night stops, we would go out and had our meals or catch a movie together. We were fond of each other. Sometimes, we would going dating in Singapore.

Kate left SIA at the end of her 5-year contract to get married to a wealthy businessman.
Later on, I found out the businessman did not marry her. Kate became his
partner and was seen with him at important business functions.

I remember reading her palm and telling her she will NEVER get married but will be a mistress to a filthy rich man someday. She laughed at what I've told her back then."

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