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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Demoted for upgrading his fellow colleague,appeal turned down by SQ

The IFS who was demoted 2-rank down for upgrading his fellow colleague to the business class had his appeal to be demoted 1-rank down rejected. He was represented by his union.

Sadly,the IFS was reported by his stewardess on the same flight.

On the same subject of demotion, an IFS during my time was demoted to flight steward (3 rank down) because he was reported by his own union kakis for not seeking SIA's permission to register his private business. He quit the SIA without even appealing for leniency.

There was also another IFS who was demoted to flight steward position because he was guilty of molesting a stewardess. He too quit SIA without appealing for leniency.


Anonymous said...

As expected. Just quit la Moon. The road ahead is tough and shameful for you.
Just leave for whatever dignity is left of you

Anonymous said...

Move on and repent.dun be so garang or lunartic next some face for your nice and stay out of trouble.