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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Havoc in Taipei

Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to be transported by ASS-Q Airlines to Taipei to witness a scene whereby a senior steward by the name of Johari was accused of creating havoc and bringing disrepute to the airline.

The case happened some years back at a hotel in TPE (3 letter code for Taipei) where the cabin crew stayed during their night stops.
Johari was an LS (leading steward),married and had children. He was a amicable person,soft spoken and well mannered. Jo (Johari) was well liked by his crew and was not the hanky panky type of guy. He was also known as the cool guy who loved horse racing and smoking. He drank in moderation and was fun to have around.

Adrian was a galley steward (GS) who worked with Jo on this fateful trip. He was a rough looking guy in his early twenties,well built and loud. Back home Adrian used to drive fast cars and was a " gi seow" ( Hokkien for mischievous) type of man and drank a lot. He was a suspected drug taker.

One morning around 6am, the was a big commotion along the corridor, outside
a hotel room. A fair busty naked lady of about 25 years old was banging on the door of a room and screaming in Mandarin about being cheated.
Woken from his sleep by the loud banging of the door outside, Jo peeped through the spy glass on his door and saw a Chinese lady in distress.
Jo opened his door and tried to calm the lady down. He persuaded her to get into his room and gave her a large bath towel to cover her nakedness.
Slowly, the lady calmed down and in her limited English told Jo about what had happened.
She claimed she was some kind of "social escort" and her client was staying opposite Jo's room. Her client had refused to pay her for her services rendered and had thrown her out of his room that morning.

Desperate but wouldn't dare to report to the police,she can only persuade her client to be merciful to her....that was to pay her and let her have her clothing back. But he wouldn't and instead chucked her out of his room.

After a quick investigation,Jo found that her client was Adrian the steward. Jo,then called Adrian on the phone and spoke to him about the matter and summoned him to his room.
After a long discussion among the three of them in Jo's room,the matter was finally settled with Adrian paying the lady for her services and returning her clothes to her.

On their return to Singapore a day later, Jo was shocked to receive a note from the cabin crew manager asking him to see the manager regarding a complaint from the hotel management in TPE.

After a month of investigation, Jo was charged with causing nuisance and bringing disrepute to the company while staying in a hotel in TPE.
At the disciplinary inquiry, the union representatives who defended Jo brought Adrian in as a star witness.
The charge was on Jo and not Adrian and it was made very clear to the disciplinary board by the union rep.that Adrian was only a witness.
To the surprise of the disciplinary board, Adrian confessed he was the guilty party and not Jo. Adrian revealed the truth of the matter and within an hour,Jo was acquitted of being the wrong doer.
The Union rep. insisted the company apologised for wrongly accused Jo and causing so much stress to him and his family.

A few days later, the media got wind of the matter and New Nation (now defunct) published an article "ASS-Q  Say Sorry".
It caused a lot of embarrassments to the airline and the chairman, we understand, hauled up the disciplinary committee and gave them a dressing down.
A few years later, Adrian was sacked from his job not because of the incidence but for "other" matters.
As for Jo, he had his promotion held back for a long time for no apparent reasons and had since left the airline.

BT: I was one of the union stewards who defended Jo at the disciplinary Inquiry.

Update on the people involved in the case: 

The chairman of the disciplinary committee R. Gomez has passed away 2 years ago. 
Jo was subsequently promoted to IFS and left with a "Golden Handshake" a few years later.
He gave up betting on horses,stopped smoking and drinking alcohol and became religious.
Adrian was fired because he punched an IFS.
Doraisamy, the General Secretary of the union whom I assisted in the inquiry passed away some 4 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Hi bt,
If jo that point of time can get a spare t shirt and pant to the girl,some money and ask her to leave the hotel. things may not turn so bad. are this two guy local, cos cc that fly to Taiwan mainly Taiwan ppl le.

the pax

Boh Tong said...

The Pax what u hv suggested is correct. Yes they were locals.

Anonymous said...

looks like all the wrongdoers always die early lol