Thursday, August 28, 2014

He wanted to propose to Lss during flight

This email was sent to me a long while ago and I hope the sender would not mind if I post it now.

Hi Bohtong,

I chanced upon your blog some time back as i wanted to know more about
flight attendants as my girlfriend is one of them. I'm planning to
marry her soon and i have some marriage propose ideas but i'm not too
sure if singapore airline will allow or not?

I would like to propose to her on one of the long flights. I would
like to consult with you the followings:

1) Will I be able to surprise her during the flight as I do not intend
to let her know that i'm on that flight? She is a leading stewardess
so will she go throught the passenger list?

2) Can i bring a bouquet of flowers on board or asked the cabin crew
to keep it for me somewhere until i propose to her in mid air?

3) When is a good time during flight for the proposal?

4) I know SIA has some strict rules regarding behaviours of crews in
public so, will we be able to kiss and hug if she says "yes" to my
proposal? Will she get into trouble?

5) Have you seen any similar marriage proposal on board during your
stay in SIA? If so, could you provide some details?

PS: I'm not too sure if she is also a reader of your blog, so i would
appreciate if you do not publish this on your blog, at least not until
i have proposed to her! :)

Thank you so much in advance!

Your faithful reader

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Anonymous said...

Hi Boh Tong,

I am the one who wrote this email to you back in 2009. I am glad to tell you that we got married in 2010 and we now have 2 wonderful little gals. And no i did not manage to propose to her on her flight. :(

Have not been following your blog for quite sometime due to work and family commitment. But it is nice to read back all your past posts and relate all the stories my wife shared with me. Keep posting yeah!