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Monday, August 4, 2014

How to pass the SIA cabin crew interview and conduct yourself as a cabin crew trainee : lastest update

This year's bonus for SIA staff was 1.49 month and not everyone is smiling.The company hasn't done well, hence the relatively low payout.

The usual practise of the crew (for those who had the intention to quit) is to resign after receiving the bonus which is paid on the first week of July and December.Any staff or crew who leaves the company before July would not be given the bonus.
The crew turnover rate is high especially after the bonus handout.They quit for various reasons. Some leave for further studies while others leave for better paying jobs.There are also other reasons like stewardesses wanting to start families and some quit because they are tired of flying or for health reason.

With a few hundreds leaving after the receipt of their bonuses,SIA has to replace these crew. The company has already done its homework and had already recruited and trained its crew.
The reasons for the frequent recruitment of cabin crew is to replace those who had quit and also for the increase in flight frequencies and expansion.
So to those cabin crew wannabes,I have this to say: As long as you are qualified for the job,there are lots of vacancies waiting to be filled. If you are unsuccessful once or twice before keep on trying or you may visit me here.

Many cabin crew wannabes have asked me this question: "Is there an age limit?"(SIA does not state the age limit in its ads) My answer is, there is an age limit although its not stated in the recruitment ads. There is an unofficial age limit because one can't expect the company to recruit an old fellow like me to be a flight attendant even if I were to looked 20...hahaha.
The next question was:"What is the unofficial age limit then?" Well if it is unofficial then it is not official and I won't know,would I? Unless I am an interviewer,I wouldn't know,really. Following this,their next question was:"You claimed you spent umpteen years with SIA and had conducted numerous interviews,surely you can roughly tell us the age limit?" Hmmm...yes I can only guess and it is a calculated guess,since I had been with SIA for 35 years,hmm...29 years for guys and perhaps 28 for the ladies..
Hey hey...please be reminded that its my guess only and I can be wrong.No one really knows the answer except the current cabin crew management staff which includes the interviewers.

The interview here

If you survived the interviews and eventually becomes a trainee flight attendant or cabin crew,you need a few points to observed and practise during the 3  1/2 to 4 months of rigorous training at cabin crew training centre.
A small percentages of trainees do not make it to the graduation. Some got booted out because of misconduct while a small minority failed their exams repeatedly.
The following are guidelines which may help you weather through the tough training and eventually let you graduate as a member of the cabin crew family:

1)Be polite and courteous at all times.
2) Smile and greet anyone and everyone whom you meet,including the cleaners.
3) Groom yourself properly , be neat in your attire and conform to the rules regarding dress code eg. guys should wear pants and long sleeves shirts with neckties. Girls are allowed dresses and pant suits.
4) Do not colour your hair or wear tattoo that can be seen.For the guys,forget about wearing earrings.
5) Be active in the classrooms by participating and volunteering in assignments ,role plays,keeping the classrooms clean or anything as instructed by your instructors.
6) You should try and get along with all your batch mates and be in your instructors' good books.
7) Never be rude or argue with your instructor even if you have a MBA and he does not.
8) Do not gossip about other people or ridicule anyone.
9) Always be punctual.
10)Make sure you pass all your exams.
11) Above all, always heed your instructors' advice.

The training centre would tolerate if you are a slow learner but not arrogance,rudeness or one with bad or negative attitude.

Remember that the airline wants crew who are pleasant,courteous,conscientious,efficient,well-groomed and one who accord respect to passengers,fellow colleagues,members of the public and all other good qualities one can think of.

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