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Monday, August 11, 2014

My objective, my dream a contribution from a stewardess

It's every fss dream to marry a pilot and mi? no diff too.
If my hubby is a captain i am able to fly first class many times a
year without having to pay much,at most 10% of the regular fare and once a yr it's free. I can afford to live in a condo or house and dont have to live in a HDB flat where I've to squeeze in the lift with the foreign trash and anti-social unfriendly f ***-faced stinkaporeans.
Cars I'd  have at least 2,a sports and a family saloon. I'd have a big fat bank a/c and eat in fashionable restaurants,shop and spends like crazy w/o feeling guilty.
In most likely likelihood ,my capt hubby would be handsome and nice. But i know,i know what you are going to say. He may be f**king the other stewardesses when he stops with them at different places. It's ok with mi but once i catch him doing that i won't hesitate to file a divorce and get 1/2 of his assets and what not. After that, I am available to the other pilots,won't i?
Flying life is so shiok when you think of this sort of things. Only a arshole passenger will dampen a stewardess's mood.

BT: Recently a former stewardess emailed me her life story after stumbling upon my blog. At first she allowed me to post her story here but later I had to delete it because her husband objected. It contained too much personal stuff, she told me in her subsequent email.

Nevertheless, I am going to mentioned a small part of her story during her stint as a SIA stewardess. This came to my mind because of the above story about stewardesses wanting to marry the pilots.
Let's address her as Ann.
Ann was no ordinary stewardess. He was absolutely stunning. After joining the airline, she dumped her local boy friend and got entangled with a Caucasian captain 20 years her senior. After a while, she was also involved with a Caucasian passenger. After a whirlwind courtship, the passenger who was  a few years younger than her proposed to her. Believe it or not, the captain also proposed to her at about the same time. It was a difficult decision for Ann to make. Nevertheless after much thinking, Ann decided to marry the passenger boy friend. They are currently living in USA.


Snowy Beagle said...

I am more amused than disgusted actually.

1. By the time a pilot is made captain, chances are he's already married.

If he's going to divorce his wife for you, half his asset is already gone - what do you expect him to retain of his asset?

And if he's already married more than once, only a quarter would remain - he may have high income but expect a substantial portion of it to go into alimony as well as support for his children.

2. How pilots would still consider marrying you if you managed to divorce and fleece one of their own? Word gets around.

3. Pilots are also subject to retrenchment.

If you think First Officers as acceptable alternatives to the older captains (who more likely to be married), note that FOs are at higher risk than captains for retrenchment in a downturn - it just happened in the most recent exercise to deal with excess capacity.

4. Males may be dumb when it comes to sex, but word gets around and they get plenty of advice from more experienced colleagues.

Fss Fanny Liew said...

I am determined come what may to marry a pilot. I joined SQ for this and this purpose alone to get hooked to a pilot be him a FO or a divorced Capt.

Anonymous said...

That shouldn't be difficult. Just invite them to your room every night stop and in no time you'll succeed in your endeavor. Only downside is you'll be known as a BICYCLE but no less popular. Good Luck!!

Snowy Beagle said...

Doubt that the comment above from Fss Fanny Liew is genuine.