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Monday, August 18, 2014

Nothing to be ashamed for being punished for upgrading a fellow colleague

Frankly speaking there is nothing to be ashamed for being demoted for helping and giving a fellow colleague some comfort and space. After all, cabin crew has put in a lot of efforts to really take care of their passengers. They, in return should be accorded some comfort when they travel as passengers.
Some airlines do allow their staff/crew to travel in any class they desire on seat availability basis.
In reality it does not cost the company anything for the upgrading. In fact, it will boost the crew's morale.
So IFS Moon,you have not committed any crime by letting your fellow colleague travel business class.

For cases of molest,theft and smuggling it would be justifiable for the perpetrators  to be dealt with severely but not for upgrading and helping a colleague.

I hope my statement will be a comfort to Moon, albeit a small one.


Lian said...

Totally agree with you BT. In the past, whenever one's spouse or siblings travel with us, we take care of them. It doesn't cost anything or damage to the company.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with your assessment BT.
Cabin crew does work very hard to see to the comforts of many and yes deserve the same treatment when traveling for their own pleasure.
Furthermore as a twenty plus year CC for an american carrier it is understood that we all take care of each other. Basically what happens on board stays on board. We have to depend on each other for many things.
Shame on the cc who turned him in in the first place. Maybe too junior to understand the camaraderie e of flying together.
And shame on SQ for not allowing employees to fly first or business when those seats go empty.