Friday, August 29, 2014

RE: Breaking of SIA Bond

I feel sorry for this stewardess who after all the hassle got into SIA as a cabin crew now finds it difficult to cope with her job. Her worry is about the repayment of her "bond" which she signed with SIA before starting her training.

Subject: RE: Breaking of SIA Bond

Greetings Sir,

       It is a blessing for me to have come across your blog. I've read some of your blog entries and believed that you're knowledgeable with regards to the SIA cabin crew know-abouts.

2     I am currently a cabin crew with SIA and has been with the company since  xxxx.

3     It has come to me that this job that I have now is not my cup of tea. And I'm worried if I could actually last any longer as a cabin crew. 

4     My query is, if I were to breach my bond with SIA, would it be negotiable if I were to appeal for an installment repayment of bond to the company? Or would the company still demands the payment be paid in whole immediately? 

5     I apologise if my question is to be a hassle for you Sir. However, I do look forward to your reply.

6     Thank you so much for your time. 
Warmest regards, 

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Anonymous said...

I feel for this stewardess too. Firstly, you will need to take a closer look at the terms and conditions in the bond that you have signed with the Company. I have known of certain other employees not connected with the airlines who have also broken their bond. One such person who had done so had reasons similar to yours. She appealed, apologised to her boss and after due consideration, her bond was waived and she was released.