Friday, September 5, 2014

Conspiracy theories mount up on MH 370

In his new book, veteran air accident investigator Ewan Wilson claims the “ditching” would explain why no debris from the plane has been found, with the aircraft sinking to the bottom of the ocean in one piece.

Wilson said he arrived at his shocking conclusion after considering every possible scenario.

He believes Captain Zaharie locked his copilot out of the cockpit, then survived long enough either by repressurising the aircraft or breathing his own more extensive air supply, to evade radar and execute his plan.

Wilson has not been able to provide any conclusive evidence to support his theory.
Speaking on ABC Radio in Brisbane this morning, Mr Abbott did not offer any assurance the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 would be located.
“They are now going to search the entire probable impact zone which is something like 60,000 square kilometres of the ocean floor off the coast of Western Australia,” Mr Abbott said.
“If the plane is down there and the best expert advice is that it did go into the water somewhere off the coast of Western Australia, if the plane is down there is a reasonable chance we’ll find it.”
He said his government was “determined to do the right thing by the Australian families who lost their loved ones in this plane, and determined to do the right thing by all bereaved families”.
“We’ve got a long way to go before we’re going to get this one up,” Mr Abbott cautioned.
“My understanding is they’re going to start (searching) in the next month or so but the search could take up to a year.”
Six Australian nationals were among 239 people on board the flight that disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8.
An earlier report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau concluded that the passengers and crew may have died from hypoxia.


Anonymous said...

How reliable the author's writings are, best left to be seen. 60,000sq kilometers of the ocean foor is about nine and a half times the size of Singapore and one cannot but feel compelled to question the wisdom behind this search. The black box, if found, would be of no use anyway. MAS has failed its passengers and crew miserably. The Malaysian Government is equally culpable. On MH17, the Govt was swift in drumming its rhetoric in bringing those responsible to justice.

Has anything been accomplished? There is speculation that MH17 was shot down deliberately, presumably due to its possible link with MH370. In an aircraft emergency, the first step is vital, failing which swift immediate follow-up action must be initiated. If this fails, then all is lost forever. MH370 was spotted over the radar screen turning around in the opposite direction while flying over Penang that fateful night.

The Authorities stated that the aircraft did not look hostile and so there was no need to scramble jets to intercept and order the pilot to land. I hasten to add that if these 200 MAS CC who had resigned were to apply to fly with SIA, MGT better think carefully. For those with the memories, the commander of SQ006 that crashed in TPE was also Malaysian. As soon as the three pilots had evacuated,CPT FCK called SIN to tell Flight Ops that none had perished. 47 PEOPLE DIED!

Anonymous said...

Scrambling jets to force an intruder to land is standard operating procedure. This also applies to aircraft that make sudden flight diversions without prior clearance as in MH370. Paya Lebar Airport in tiny Singapore has done it before, commanding a cessna aircraft to land. The plane had run out of fuel and was gliding. Israel had shot down a civilian jetliner in the seventies after repeated calls by the IAF ordered the intruder plane to land flying over forbidden airspace were ignored. KL007 was shot down over the Sea of Japan in the eighties when the flight had strayed 200 miles into Sakalin. The Korean pliot was allegedly ordered to land but had not done so.

Really so sad to see what has happened to MH370. Surely, if the order to scramble jets to get it to land had been given, it would have made a difference.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with the 2 comments above.